Mojisola Continues to GRoW through learning and development

Mojisola joined the GRoW Programme in Summer 2021 and has been an active and fully engaged participant, making use of all the learning opportunities available.

She has completed a range of courses and recently found work in a seasonal position at the Royal Mail.  Mojisola is now studying for a Level 3 Helping in School and Colleges Course through WEA.

Mojisola said “I had already completed a Level 2 Helping in Schools and Colleges course before I joined GRoW and it really inspired me to move on and do the Level 3.  I felt it was really important to get the main qualification if I am serious about finding my dream job of becoming a Teaching Assistant.

Working in a school is really important to me as I have young children and I want to be able to work when they at school and have the holidays to spend time with them.  Everything I am doing now is to help me reach that goal.  Since joining GRoW I have undertaken a Food Safety and Hygiene Course and a Level 1 Safeguarding course and since May 2021 I have been working on a voluntary basis in a local school which is not only great experience but is also a requirement of my Level 3 course to do a placement.  I work with Year 5 children, supporting them with their maths, spelling and writing and also supervising them at lunchtimes.  I really enjoy it.

Now I have finished the job at Royal Mail I am really keen to find another job but I need to ensure it does not affect my studies.  I do my study work twice a week and my placement twice a week so I need to find a part time job which is evenings only.

The level 3 course is all online and we work as a collective group completing tasks.  We also have a Whatsapp group which is a great support as it enables students to speak to each other if we need help or additional materials.  It is really interesting and something I have always wanted to do.

The GRoW Team are so encouraging.  They have helped me see what I need to do to get where I want to be.  Even though I can apply for a job today that will help my financial position they have enabled me to understand that I need to build my knowledge and skills with new learning and training if I want to progress and get somewhere.  I am happy now to do any job in order to boost my finances but my studies are more important and I need to find work that fits in with that so that I am in a better position in the future.  GRoW have helped me see that you sometimes have to sacrifice something to get where you want to be in the future.

I really appreciate everything GRoW are doing for me and for all the other women they support.  They do everything they can to make sure you don’t give up.  They check on you to make sure you are ok and are getting the support you need.  Mostly, they take your fear away from you to do better and are so supportive and motivating.”

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