Sonia gets a better job with GRoW In-Work Support

Sonia had been working as a part-time administrator but had the capacity to work more hours in a more permanent position but needed flexibility for her family commitments. With GRoW’s support Sonia has recently started a new job as a Finance Administrator.

Sonia said “I came to the UK from India where I had been working for a company as a Team Leader in Business Research before leaving to have my son.  My plan on arriving in the UK was to return to work when my child was around the age of 2 or 3 but when he was diagnosed with autism my plans had to change.  I took take time out from work to take care of my son and then when I had my younger child I forgot about working for a while.  Years went by and with my son now in senior school and my younger child settled in primary I started working for my husband’s company as a part-time administrator that allowed me the flexibility I still needed to fit work around my family.

One day I was at my youngest child’s school and I saw an advert for GRoW about helping working mums get a better job and better pay.  I thought why not give it a try? My children were at school all day and though I was helping out at my husband’s company I had the capacity to do more.  I got in touch with GRoW and started attending their events and workshops. I started applying for jobs and applied to British Airways for a HR position and a Finance Administrator job at Salisbury Support for Autism in West Drayton.  Sonia did some work on my CV offering me some advice on changes I should make and I think it made all the difference and caught the employers’ eye.

I was really pleased to be offered interviews for both jobs and I enrolled on the Interview Coaching Workshop with Sonia.  She really helped me prepare for the interviews, we did a one to one which was fantastic as she offered me advice about how to address the flexibility I needed. I got a lot of support from her and she helped me with how to answer the questions.  I felt quite confident when I had the interviews and I was offered both of the jobs!  I chose the Salisbury Support for Autism position as it offered more flexibility and is a better job than I had before.  The core hours are 9 – 5 but I have gained some flexibility from my boss so I can drop my child to school and leave my office at 3 and then work from home for the remaining hours.  As I can’t leave my son alone during school holidays they have said I can get the flexibility of adjusting my hours to suit which is just what I need.

I found the support that the GRoW Team gave me throughout was really helpful. Liz was a huge motivator and gave me a great boost when I first joined as I was 50/50 about whether to go for it or not.  I had so many questions and doubts but the initial session with Liz gave me the drive and motivation I needed.  Sonia really helped me improve my confidence and gave me tips on how to present myself.   I am really grateful for their help”.


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