Indiana is an Inspiration

Indiana came to the GRoW Programme at the end of 2021 looking for support to improve her English and gain voluntary experience to help build her confidence and motivation. Indiana’s Adviser Chantelle [pictured] spoke to Indiana about her experience.

“Indiana’s goal is to work for the NHS.  She attended all of the GRoW workshops which helped improve her confidence and she felt motivated to push forward with studying and volunteering. Indiana has been a GRoW Star from the very beginning with a huge drive to better herself.  It has been so inspiring to see.

“After Indiana had completed the Workshops with GRoW she went on to do an online ESOL course, NHS Career Level 1 Employability Course and is now volunteering in Hillingdon Hospital doing admin.  Indiana previously worked in Admin in her home country and is now applying her experience here by volunteering and building up her English.  Indiana is a great example of someone who has taken the opportunities GRoW has to offer and has achieved her goal of improving her confidence and motivation as a result.  Indiana is proud of what she has achieved and says “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Well done Indiana!

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