Thank you for celebrating women’s success with us at our GRoW International Women’s Day Event

With covid restrictions lifting we were so pleased to be able to mark International Women’s Day 2022 by holding a face to face event at our office in Hayes and with our Islington participants where we could all come together in one space, talk freely and openly with other women, share our stories and goals and eat lots of lovely food!

We had such a fantastic time and it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about each other and talk about the ways we can help you achieve your goals.  A big shout out to Banu who made us such a lovely gift, a framed crocheted GRoW logo (pictured above), such a lovely gesture and we are truly thankful.

We had some fantastic feedback from some of the ladies who attended:

Sonila said; “The #IWD22 event was really good and I am very happy with GRoW. Since I joined the GRoW Programme two years ago I have attended many courses and my confidence is getting better.  It was lovely to see everyone again as the last time was at the Summer Picnic.  Although I did Hair and Beauty training in my home country of Albania I didn’t practice it in a long time and I was unsure what to do. GRoW have helped me think it through and I realised I wanted to continue with it as a career.  I am now busy retraining at full time college and looking forward to the future”.

Saba said “The IWD event was very informative and really helped my confidence. There were women there from every part of life and we did activities together that helped us think about the future.  Mapping out plans for the next 10 years was really helpful as I have never really thought about how old I will be in 10 years time and how old my children will be too.  It has really given me a drive to work as I realise I want a better future for my children.  I am doing an IT User Skills and Cyber Security training course at the moment and then I am really going to try hard to get a job.  I am also attending the GRoW ‘Preparing to Work in Schools’ workshop as another option.  I am trying to prepare myself for the future now and want to look at a range of options that can help me”.

Meimoona said “I am not working at the moment but I am looking forward to working. I am looking to do some training courses and do volunteering. Since attending the GRoW online sessions I am already starting to feel much more confident. The International Women’s Dau event was an amazing experience, it was quality time with other ladies learning their experiences and sharing their views. I am looking forward to attending more face to face events.  The GRoW Programme is the answer to all my questions..where to start, how to start. I have with GRoW for only a month but I really wish I had joined earlier.

The team are doing everything right, they have courses, CV sessions, advice on how to engage interviewers – what more do we need?  It’s very comfortable and friendly and I don’t feel I have anything to be nervous about – it feels like freedom. We really do have everything we need in this programme.”

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