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GRoW’s Michelle Grenada-Bryan researches and compiles the jobs for our Jobs Bulletin each week, finding the most suitable part-time positions for our GRoW participants that are currently being advertised across Hillingdon and surrounding areas.

Michelle said “With covid-19 restrictions now easing more and more jobs are opening up, as well as more flexible-working opportunities becoming available. Schools jobs In particular are very strong right now due to movement of staff and people leaving posts.  We use a website called Crinkle Recruitment which is dedicated to advertising schools jobs across Hillingdon and the local area.  It’s a great site which is really easy to use and advertises a full range of schools jobs from Learning Support Assistants and Midday Supervisers and even Headteachers.

Cleaning is another area that is attracting lots of attention right now as well as admin jobs.  Whilst admin roles have been frequent, even throughout the pandemic, they have often been full-time positions whereas there are many more part-time jobs available now and those that offer flexible working too.  Having been forced to change the way they work throughout lockdown has led to many employers recognising the benefits of offering flexible, hybrid and remote working.  Flexible working has long been desirable by many, especially working mums, but employers have historically been slow to adopt it.  Over the past two years however employers have experienced it in practice and realised that not only does it offer them opportunities to save on rent costs and office space, staff who work remotely are often more productive too.  As a result, many employers are keeping remote working in place and offering new vacancies as permanently working from home which is great news for working mums.

With the economy opening up we are expecting to see more vacancies opening up in the hospitality sector as well as retail positions so these are two areas to keep a look out for in the coming weeks and months.  I recommend using the Indeed website for your job searching as they offer a broad range of jobs across a host of different sectors.  It is effectively a one stop shop where you can search and get everything you need in one place.  You can also subscribe to alerts if you want to be notified of specific job types, save your search and set up your own account. You can even upload your CV to make it quicker to apply.  Monster and CV Library work in a similar way and offer a good alternative to Indeed.

If you don’t know what sort of job you want then I find a useful trick is to just keep your search as open as possible.  Just search on the words ‘part-time’ or ‘full-time’, whichever you prefer and set your location and the radius – 10 miles or 5 miles if you want to keep it really local.  By keeping your job search wide like this you can see which sectors are recruiting more and you get the full range of jobs that are on offer in your area.

If you need help with your job search remember we run a Job Searching Workshop where we can give you practical advice and tips – you can find details and how to book on the app.  Happy Job Seeking!

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