Rekha Looks for Retail Work

Rekha was interested in finding out how to get work experience as she had not had a job before. Initially she was lacking in confidence, especially in speaking to people as English is not her first language. She has engaged fully with the GRoW Programme activities which has boosted her confidence and she has been actively looking for work in the retail sector.

Rekha said “I heard about GRoW some time ago but wasn’t sure if it was really for me until one of my friends who had been through the programme recommended it to me.  I spoke with Kaneez and she signed me up and it has been such a wonderful experience for me.

I found it really hard to speak to people in English as I really lacked confidence and was very shy but since joining GRoW that has all changed.  The people at GRoW have been so helpful, they really know how to bring everyone together so we get support from each other. I started off going slowly but now I understand English so much better and my speaking has improved so much. It does take time to learn a new language and being able to practice it with people makes so much difference.

I have gained so much from all of the GRoW events I have attended.  I have done the CV and Interview Workshops with Sonia and I really couldn’t believe how many skills and achievements I actually have and have now been able to put on my new CV.  I have never worked before and have no experience apart from some social work I did in my own country as a volunteer.  Doing the CV Workshop was really valuable for me as I really wouldn’t have known what to put on my CV without Sonia’s help – my CV is now really good and I am sending out to potential employers when I look for jobs.

When I did the Interview Workshop I asked Sonia if I could record it as I thought it would help me to practice afterwards. I thought it would be good to be able to see myself from the other person’s point of view, to see what I needed to work on and improve. It was the first interview I ever had and I was so nervous when we did it.  I thought, if I’m this nervous with someone I know, what will I be like with a stranger?  Having it recorded really worked well for me though as I now feel so much more confident than before.

I also attended the GRoW Picnics and the Preparing to Work in Schools sessions and I always go to the GRoW Coffee Mornings too as you learn new things all the time.

Most recently I have enrolled on the GRoW Mindful Parenting Course that started this week.  It was so interesting!  I have an 11 year old son who has just started secondary school and I have been thinking a lot about how I need to change and adapt the way I speak to him now that he is growing older.  The Mindful Parenting Course has given me a lot of tips about how to be calm and listen in a different way. It was a real eye opener and I am really looking forward to the lessons in the coming weeks.

Another GRoW event I attended which was really useful to me was the Childcare Information Session which helped me understand how important good childcare is and the difference it can make to your life when you can learn to believe and trust someone else to look after your child.

I have done the Job Searching Workshop which was really good and I have been searching mostly for retail positions such as Customer Assistant roles. I think this is the best sort of job for me at the moment.

Doing all the events and getting involved with everything GRoW has to offer has been a fantastic experience for me.  Everyone on the team is so energetic and upbeat and it just makes you want to be a part of it.  Some sessions I attend just because I think there might be something I learn which will be of help to me in the future or maybe I can share my own knowledge and help someone else!”

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