Sandra GRoWs to become a Registered Childminder

Sandra is a Registered Nanny and Childminder and came to the GRoW Programme to help her get her business off the ground. 

After gaining her degree in Business Management at University Sandra was keen to start working.

Sandra said “When I left University I was claiming income support but was keen to get off benefits and start putting my knowledge and the qualifications I’d gained to work.  I already had a Childcare Certificate but wasn’t sure what my next step should be.  My Job Adviser at the Job Centre put me in touch with the GRoW Programme to see if they could help me think about what I wanted to do next.

I met with Liz Sewell at Uxbridge Library and straight away I really felt that she cared about me.  The first thing she said was that I needed more hands-on experience and she helped me with my CV and prepared me for interviews so that I could approach some nursery settings to get some work experience. Liz also helped me put together a Cover Letter and I got a job as an Activity Leader to work in schools.  It was a great opportunity as I could work in a range of different schools on a part-time basis in their school clubs.

I have two boys of my own and when my youngest was 4 I knew I wanted to work on a self-employed basis so that I could still be with them as much as possible and help them with their school work.  I didn’t want to be doing a job where I was coming home late and not be there for them.  Liz understood this completely and helped me think about what would work for me and gave me the courage to go for it.    I decided I wanted to achieve a Level 3 certificate to become a fully registered Childminder.

Liz helped me with every step of the journey.  She helped me apply for my DBS Check and booked me to do the English, Maths, IT and Writing test that I had to do before I could do the Level 3.    I passed my Certificate and then Liz offered me the opportunity to look after the children who come along with their parents on GRoW Programme.

The help I have received from GRoW has been absolutely amazing, it has given me a future!  I am a different person since I first met Liz, I am so much more confident than I was and it’s all down to the support and understanding I have received.  Thank you GRoW!

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