Riffat Gains New Confidence and a New Job

Riffat Hussain came to the GRoW Programme following an introduction at Uxbridge Jobs Fair and needed help to build her confidence before looking for work. 

Riffat said “I visited my local Job Centre following some changes in my personal circumstances that meant I would need to find work.  It was quite a daunting prospect because I had not worked in 20 years in this country and have spent my time here as a housewife bringing up my three daughters.  I didn’t have much confidence and never used to go out without my husband so I was quite nervous about how to get started.  The Job Centre advised me to visit a Jobs Fair that was taking place in Uxbridge and it was there that I was introduced to the GRoW Programme.

Liz and Saeema at GRoW really impressed me, they were so helpful!  I visited them in their office in Hayes and in less than 10 minutes they had discussed with me what I wanted to do, what skills I had to offer an employer and different ways they could help me.  There and then they called a local employer that had a jobs vacancy and they made an introduction for me, helping me to fill in the forms.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the experience they needed for the job but it helped me to understand what employers were looking for and to work out what I needed to do to get a job.  Saeema invited me along to Botwell Green Library to take part in the GRoW sessions.  As well as practical advice I really needed emotional support and Liz and Tosin really helped with this, they are so awesome!

At the GRoW Programme I was introduced to lots of other women who were just like me and it was great to be part of that group, supporting each other.  It really worked in building my confidence as the team were so positive and always there to answer all our questions.  After 4 sessions with GRoW I was invited to an interview for a local Food Packing company and I felt so much more confident than I did before I started the Programme.  I was so happy when they offered me the job.  It is local to me, just a short bus ride and they will provide me with full training.  What’s more, I will finish at 2.00pm every day so can still be home for my children and husband at the end of the day.  I appreciate so much what GRoW have done for me and am so looking forward to starting my new job.



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