ESOL Training with DailyStep English

by Jane Lawson, Director, DailyStep English Training

DailyStep English is a London–based English training company providing online courses and daily online lessons at all levels of English. DailyStep English Lessons are inspected and accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Service (CPD) so you can add a DailyStep English certificate to your CV.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is the concept behind DailyStep lessons – one step each day leads to major progress over time. Our students learn to speak and understand a small amount of English perfectly every day, as well as absorbing the vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar structures, style and pronunciation patterns contained in each lesson.  The fact that the lessons are not too long and therefore not daunting is a major factor in motivating users to continue with them. Learning to speak at the same speed, pronunciation and tone as native speakers greatly improves listening comprehension skills as well as fluency and confidence when speaking.

What will you learn?
DailyStep lessons directly reflect the language issues that English learners consistently find difficult. Specific problem areas addressed in the audio lessons include:

  • Initiating and sustaining a conversation
  • Speaking fluently and with confidence
  • Sounding professional and friendly in English
  • Understanding fast idiomatic speech
  • Explaining, clarifying and rephrasing
  • Business meeting skills
  • Presentation skills
  • English telephone skills
  • Colloquial English where words are omitted
  • Short answers involving auxiliary verbs
  • Pronunciation, intonation and speech rhythm
  • Phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Speech techniques such as irony, understatement and exaggeration
  • Broken, non-grammatical sentences such as are used in everyday speech
  • Using and understanding humour
  • Cultural issues
  • IELTS and other exam skills
  • Appropriate use of formal and informal styles

Benefits of using DailyStep Lessons include:

  • Improved interaction with neighbours, colleagues and clients
  • Improved speaking and comprehension skills for business situations such as meetings, negotiation, giving presentations and using the telephone
  • More active participation in any kind of discussion
  • A developing ability to think in English
  • Expanded range of active vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs
  • Better speaking and comprehension skills for social situations with friends, colleagues and neighbours
  • Higher confidence levels when using English
  • Improved ability to make and sustain conversation and therefore to make friends
  • Better understanding of how to deal with a range of situations for life in the UK, e.g. dealing with shops and restaurants, schools, utilities companies, neighbours, tradesmen etc.

What is a DailyStep Lesson?
DailyStep English lessons are in both British and American English, allowing users to choose the accent they speak, and learn to understand both accents. Each lesson consists of a written dialogue, 2 audio recordings of the dialogue (both British and American English, so with some language changes) and notes on style, vocabulary, intonation, functions and grammar.
The method is simple and easy to learn. Here is a video showing how to use a DailyStep Lesson:
DailyStep members also have access to an archive of audio grammar lessons, IELTS practice lessons, pronunciation tips and other learning materials.

How to access DailyStep Lessons
You can access DailyStep lessons by mobile app, by hyperlinks in emails, or directly by logging in to our website. The app and email notifications mean that so there is no chance to forget to take the lesson. You can download PDF and MP3 files of each lesson for offline use.

Every user has a Personal Lesson Bank, which records how many times each lesson has been completed. You can log in any time to catch up on missed lessons, download lessons or repeat lessons as required, even after your subscription expires.

If you would like to undertake a Daily Step English Lesson first contact the GRoW Team on and we will be in touch.

Jane Lawson is an English teacher with over 20 years’ experience. Jane developed the DailyStep method to address the problems faced by busy English learners living and working in the UK.

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