Rehma strengthens her skill set

I joined Belina GRoW in late March as a Social Media Officer through the Kickstart programme. After leaving University, I was eager to work in Communications. Therefore, being offered this role at Belina was an amazing opportunity to build on my professional communication skills and work for an organisation the enriched the local community. The team at Belina was incredibly welcoming, creating an uplifting working environment in which I truly thrived in. Through the various tasks I completed as part of my work, I was able to grow both my soft and tangible skill set.

As a Social Media Officer, I had a communication centred role. Belina GRoW had launched their GRoW App just as I had joined the team. This meant that I had the unique opportunity to work with the team to discuss how to best use the platform to support the community of women GRoW works with. I worked on the communications campaigns pushed through the GRoW App, by brainstorming ideas with my fellow team members and producing visual and written content for the platform.

I also worked on external communications campaigns as I reached out to local schools and businesses to further promote Belina GRoW. This was an amazing learning opportunity as I was able to organise meetings and build working relationships with local stakeholders, which is now a key asset in my professional skillset.

Overall, this experience was incredibly enriching for me as I was able to utilise the skills I learnt from this role to find a full time position in the Communications sector. Moreover, I was able to build a strong professional network with all my wonderful colleagues at Belina.

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